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What you need to know about building your schedule as an NDS student

Building Your Schedule

All coursework completed as an NDS student carries degree credit. NDS students subsequently admitted to an undergraduate program will have all coursework, including grades, applied to the undergraduate degree total GPA.

Students subsequently admitted to a graduate program may request up to 12 credit hours be transferred into their degree program. Transferred hours are subject to Graduate School approval, rules and procedures.

Course Load

NDS students may register for a maximum course load of eight (8) hours per semester on a space-available basis.

Course Level

Students that have completed a bachelor’s degree upon admission to the NDS program are eligible to enroll in graduate coursework as a Post-Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) student.

Students that have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree will enter the NDS program as Undergraduate Studies (UGS) students and are only permitted to enroll in undergraduate level coursework. Permission must be received from the instructor and department offering the course in order to enroll in a graduate level course.

Course Delivery Method

NDS students may choose to enroll in any on-campus and/or online and distance education courses, on a space-available basis. Enrollment priority for certain courses or class sections may be given to degree-seeking students.

Open Enrollment Date

Enrollment for all NDS students, regardless of admission date or classification, begins on the Open Enrollment date for the upcoming semester.

The NDS Open Enrollment date can be found on the Enrollment Calendar on the Student Services Center website at


Some courses may have pre-requisites or other enrollment restrictions listed. If you would like to enroll in a class that has pre-requisites or other enrollment restrictions that you have met, you will need to contact the department that offers the course in order to receive permission to enroll. For example, if you would like to enroll in MA 141 (Calculus I), you will need to contact the Department of Mathematics to request permission to enroll. The Non-Degree Studies program coordinators cannot lift these restrictions and enroll you into classes with pre-requisites and enrollment restrictions.

Here are a few departments that offer courses that are commonly enrolled in by NDS students:

Please visit the Student Services Center website for more information about Holds, Pre-requisites, and Restrictions.

Distance Education Resources

NC State students enrolling in online or distance education courses can find a host of helpful resources through the Online and Distance Education website. Online and Distance Education has helpful tools for how to use learning technologies that you may use such as Moodle and other instructional media.

You can also find helpful useful academic and tutorial resources through the Keep Learning Remotely website, which helps students identify challenges and solutions to remote learning, and connect with other university academic resources to be successful.